Trump: turning out to be not so bad a thing after all

I spotted this going around the social media channels: a transcript of The Economist’s interview with Trump.

And I also spotted a copy of the economist in the office today which was far from flattering to the president. 
It also attempts to explain why Trumponomics won’t make America great again.

Oh really now?

The Economist is wrong.

Now to be completely honest, the day Trump won the election I thought we’d be in a lot of trouble, especially following on the heels of Brexit. The subsequent “Trump rally” I also (wrongly) believed to be a head fake.

It’s still going. And because Trump has little reason to mince his words (and equally little concern for political correctness), I’m entirely confident he goes through with his plans.

And the rally will continue. For years to come.

So think about it for a second: looking through the transcript, I take away 3 conclusions:

  1. US domestic growth is going to be ballistic, fuelled by pump priming, starting with the tax cuts.
  2. The accumulation of human capital and intellectual property in the US is also likely to accelerate, with more companies sufficiently incentivised to relocate.
  3. Trump is neither Republican nor Democrat – he’s a pragmatist and that’s not a bad thing, certainly better than being an ideologue short on achievements.

I haven’t heard this being used yet, but perhaps it might be a succinct one-liner for Trumponomics: Rebuilding the case for the American Dream.

And now we make a stock call: what’s the first company that comes to mind which ticks all the boxes on Trump’s ideal American company list?

  1. Makes in America.
  2. Invents in America.
  3. Supports American jobs and growth.
  4. Sells to the world, flying the Star-Spangled Banner.



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